Diiiisssscccccoooooo Piiiiiggggg – shuwumna, shuwumna, hum…

It appears Disco Pig has been away… here the man himself picks up the story…

The disco pig

He ain’t nickin’ no Sony X-Plods!

Aiieee – what is da matter wiv dem five-os innit? Disco Pig ain’t been able to update his loyal ungulate followers cos he has been banged up in da slammer innit. On some trumped up charge innit. Dey say, da five-os dat is, dat yours truly was out smashin’ up ‘is hood and rioting an lootin an that when da weather was blazing hotter than blazing squad’s underpants over da weekend. Dey say I knicked two car stereo and dat washing machine innit from Curry’s flecking digical. Disco Pig were nowhere near da joint! Dem stereos were all legally purchased and that for ma sistas birfday. Sheet – Disco Pig ain’t talkin to da haters man – talk to da trotter cos da snout is on holidays, camping in Cornwall or sumfink…sheet

Anydeways er is da bossin, basin toons from my time in da slammer over de summa hear me know my little piglets of passion – get your ear toobes around this stonkers…sheet


DJ Vaseline feat MC HardofhearingSmooth it in easy rider

The Sheds of BromleyWhy won’t Rosemary come down from the roof (it’s going to rain)

Machine Gun NoisesAck, ack, ack, shakka, shakka, ack, ack, ack

Trail of SnacksFrazzle, Pork Pie, Wotsit, Wotsit

The MotherflumpersFlump You, Motherflumper

Tinchy TemperIt takes a lot to get me cross, but when I go.. goodness me!

Gastric Band ft The HulkThat’s three ripped shirts this week, I think you’re stressed

The MuggsAre you mugging me off in the mug shop, mug?

The Otter KneesHa ha you fell off your BMX ha ha

Gum Rash feat. DJ CorsodylCan’t eat my vegetables can I go to Bicester now?

Trip to A&ECaught my Jacobs on a slated bench

Banglebert StumpydickEuro, Euro, Euro, Bang, Bang, Bang (Part II)

Lawrence and his Arabian MachineBlowfish sweat, blowfish die

Directions to the chemistTurn right at the roundabout, just next to Budgens

The Acid KingsWeeee are the National Westminster Bank Piggeeeess

DJ ChicksticksIf you don’t, you’ll regret it

MoterhomeThe Ace of Shovels

Fishbender and the wonky finsAmanda, the Findus Crispy Pancakes are too hot

MC Mitchell BrotherIt’s Kelloggs Fruit and Fibre every day

 Mmmm… well ,quite. More phat-tuned porcine piggery-jokery next time folks…..