Poorly conceived advertising campaign of the week!

VW campaign image

VW Polo. The advertising campaign with the hole.


Bizarre merchandise of the week…..

Plato energy drink

And who wouldn’t want the energy of a 46 year old veteran Touring car driver eh? Make mine a vodca and Plato…

Toy advert that looks like an extract from the Kama Sutra of the week…

Toy Kara Sultra

Sure, no looker, but it’s nice that Stretch Armstrong found his special person.

Overused graphic design of the decade…

Stop it!

Yes, I realise we’re also using the design to complain about people using the design.

Bizarrely arranged garden centre display of the week…

Care bear

A bear affectionately strokes an iguana while an otter looks balefully on…

Product that sounds suspiciously like another similar product of the week…

Soon to be all the rage - Rhyming snacks.

Soon to be all the rage – Rhyming snacks.

Made up Facebook post of the week….

Facebook hoax

Have you tried it? Didn’t work did it….