O restaurante que a minha mãe atirou em um homem em

PortugueseCome dine at Thrunk’s finest Portuguese restaurant – right next door to Thrunk’s second finest Portuguese restaurant in Rumbelows Lane.

We cater to all shapes and genders regardless of nationality or pet ownership (no dogs please). We are also farm machinery-friendly and operate strict no groping zones at each end of the premises.


Cautious Goujons with a mudcat terrine
Little tiny Brian Blessed cakes
A surprised marmot with fried potato strips


A bilious of tarmac with flotsam and jetsam coulis
Hermetically sealed hermit with a shy salad
Fame! cutlet with live for ever fries
Flame grilled Saturn with onion rings

Pudding will be…

…having an epiphany

Please ensure that you are who you say you are and not an imposter pretending to be who you aren’t. Thank you for your understanding.

Product that sounds suspiciously like another similar product of the week…

Soon to be all the rage - Rhyming snacks.

Soon to be all the rage – Rhyming snacks.