Toy advert that looks like an extract from the Kama Sutra of the week…

Toy Kara Sultra

Sure, no looker, but it’s nice that Stretch Armstrong found his special person.

Product that sounds suspiciously like another similar product of the week…

Soon to be all the rage - Rhyming snacks.

Soon to be all the rage – Rhyming snacks.

Made up Facebook post of the week….

Facebook hoax

Have you tried it? Didn’t work did it….

Monkeybroth classifieds

Possible swap – Swop-Shop sweater size small

A knitted homage to the popular children’s Saturday morning show. Fully certified memorabilia complete with Mike Reid’s (maygodresthissoul) stamp of disapproval. May throw in a Cheggers’ Goes Pap (rare misprint) eiderdown if the deal is right.

May swap for Manimal desk fan.

Call 64646804086406406+40640496046 for misdirection.

Wanted – Ghost Dad on DVD

Has anyone got this on DVD? Is it an actual film or have I made it up? I think it may have Kenneth Branagh in it and be themed around Bakewell Tart. I’m not sure. There may have been a follow up called The Misadventures of a Grave Digga possibly starring Frampton O’Cake as a bowling alley instructor. Whatever. I don’t wish to pay anything so you can get that idea out of your head.

Contact me on: Telepathy

Were you that girl?

Well were you? Don’t be shy – get in touch via the medium of dance. I’ve got a car, a small flat and three pairs of trousers and I’m willing to share (just the trousers mind).

See you soon pretty lady!!

For sale – A framed picture of my cousin

No particular reason for sale. She’s no stunner but is ‘handsome’ in a certain light and fully washable. Non smoking on account of it being a picture.  First to see will wonder what on earth happened.

Just pop round.