Monkeybroth classifieds

Possible swap – Swop-Shop sweater size small

A knitted homage to the popular children’s Saturday morning show. Fully certified memorabilia complete with Mike Reid’s (maygodresthissoul) stamp of disapproval. May throw in a Cheggers’ Goes Pap (rare misprint) eiderdown if the deal is right.

May swap for Manimal desk fan.

Call 64646804086406406+40640496046 for misdirection.

Wanted – Ghost Dad on DVD

Has anyone got this on DVD? Is it an actual film or have I made it up? I think it may have Kenneth Branagh in it and be themed around Bakewell Tart. I’m not sure. There may have been a follow up called The Misadventures of a Grave Digga possibly starring Frampton O’Cake as a bowling alley instructor. Whatever. I don’t wish to pay anything so you can get that idea out of your head.

Contact me on: Telepathy

Were you that girl?

Well were you? Don’t be shy – get in touch via the medium of dance. I’ve got a car, a small flat and three pairs of trousers and I’m willing to share (just the trousers mind).

See you soon pretty lady!!

For sale – A framed picture of my cousin

No particular reason for sale. She’s no stunner but is ‘handsome’ in a certain light and fully washable. Non smoking on account of it being a picture.  First to see will wonder what on earth happened.

Just pop round.

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