Rock Stars in the morning

Number 4: Alice Cooper


Alice Cooper’s Dad: Hey Alice, did ya sleep well champ?

Alice Cooper: Not so good Dad. Not so good…

Alice Cooper’s Dad: Is it the nightmares again son?

Alice Cooper: Yeah, the big boys were chasing me again and this time, they almost caught me.

Alice Cooper’s Dad: Aww son, I feel for you I sure do. Did you bring your bedding down with ya sport?

Alice Cooper: Yeah Dad… sorry….

Alice Cooper’s Dad: Don’t be sorry son. It’s just a phase big guy.


Bless… He was a troubled youth wasn’t he eh? More completely spurious Rock Star post-nocturnal tales soon folks!

Rockstars in the morning…

No1: Billy Idol

ROCKSTAR BILLY IDOL’S MUM: Rockstar Billy Idol! ….Rockstar Billy Idol!….. Its 8.15, you’ll be late for school. Are you getting up?


Next week more morning related shenanigans with music stars from across the globe!