MonkeyBroth public service announcements

MonkeyBroth is almost hyperactively committed to keeping its readers (that’s you there sweet-cheeks) bang up-to-date with all the very most exciting developments created by human kind.

So much so, that we hired a platoon of attractive ladies who were sent out to seduce scientists and product designers all over the globe. Sadly our geek-centric honey trap failed after it turned out that both the scientists and the product designers were, in fact, a platoon of chiselled hunks sent out by a rival blog to seduce attractive agency girls. Which just goes to show something – possibly the sexist belief that women can’t be scientists and product designers for one.


Festival Face

We all love to say that we had a great time at festivals, but there’s no denying that, by day two, you struggle to hold a smile due to trench-foot, gastric poisoning and close proximity to aspiring middle-class music lovers. Well you too can now post that tricky ‘having a great time’ photo on Facebook with ‘Festival Face’. Just slip on your Festival Face mask and hide your sleep deprived look of desperation behind a perfect happy-faced fizzog and get snapping! Festival Face masks are 100 per cent guaranteed free of pained facial features, so you can buy in confidence.

See our stand at the Biffordshire Shopping Trolley Expo, Flipflopton village hall.



Persian racing was the very pinnacle of motor sport in the 70’s…

Persian Cat-extric – New from MonkeyBroth games!

Be the race! Be speed! Be endurance! Be a Peke Faced Persian! That’s right, now you can recreate the famous Persian racing series from the 70’s in purrrfect 1:16 scale. These beautifully detailed model Persians can reach scale-speeds of over 250mph around the realistic recreation of the famous Sil-fur-stone track. Set contains one Peke-faced and one Smoke Persian complete with drivers, pit-crew, track and controllers. Batteries not included.

Warning – Persians will require regular grooming and greasing for best performance.


Tired of charging your mobile phone?

Then read the newest inspirational book from Jarred Smitherquake. Put it Away is a revolutionary lifestyle book that encourages people to actually put down their mobile phones and concentrate on what they are doing rather than finding out what everyone else is doing whilst they are not doing what they are trying to do. Or something. The theory is that by ‘putting it away’ you’ll not run down the battery, thus saving valuable time spent hooking your phone up to a charger and giving you back up to 14 minutes a year of your life to spend doing what you like best (possibly going to the toilet or talking to pigeons).

Please note – Side effects of not staring constantly at your phone includes not stepping blindly out in front of traffic, being aware that your children are causing mayhem in Budgens and not seeing a picture of what your best friend had for lunch.

Mobile version available from all good eBook retailers.

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