Disco Pig


Bass not bass.

Wooop. Wooop. Woooooop! WOOOOOOOOOP! Yeah it Disco Pig smahin’ your brain wit’ a sack load of bass. That’s low frequency sound not a fish.

Yeah, so last week Dicsco Pig he be DJ’in for his cuz – Hoedown Hog at his wedding. Wantage was bangin’ dat night with some hard hittin’ Kenny Rogers. Man, that guy is one sharp-bearded smooth silver-fox mutha.

Next morning, Disco Pig, it be his head that’s bangin’ coz he had waaaay too much Stella 4! Serious, I threw up a LOT of kee-bab.

Anywayz, check the dub on these tail-twirlers.

The Beagles – Welcome to the Hotel Best Western

Barry Goblin ft. Oily Mars – Slippery chocolate

The Remotes – Spin the batteries a bit and it’ll work

Flip Fasteners – Warren Beatty is in the eye of the beholder

Over-done Genre – Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! (and some more zombies)

Worst Ever Gymkhana (redruM mirror-mix) – Walk on you silly boy!

The Grinning Stoves – Heat up for sex (do not freeze once reheated)

Brake Well Tarts – Avoiding a prostitute

Spongy Beast – Oh please don’t climb the pergola Betty

The Racqueteers – Mega grunt

Jonny Space Queen – Seemingly impossible dustbin races

The Over Here Sisters – Don’t stop moving babies

Ox-O Lamb – Constant Gravy

Coffee and Creme – Under your mum (forever)

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