Further adventures of the time travelling dishwasher tablets…

Time-travelling dishwasher tablets!

FINISH QUANTAM POWERBALL DISWASHER TABLETS: “Okay Al – let’s have the details, where have we leapt to this week?”

AL: “Well, Finish Quantum Powerball Dishwasher Tablets, according to Ziggy we’ve landed in 1863, June 29thin fact. That’s about 48 hours before the Battle of Gettysburg”


Washing dishes in time and space

FINISH QUANTAM POWERBALL DISHWASHER TABLETS: “Okay – can you ask Ziggy why we are here… are there any dishwashers in 1863 for instance?”

AL: “Let me just check………okay, so Ziggy were there any dishwashers used during the American Civil War conflict? ………according to Ziggy………no, no there wasn’t.”

FINISH QUANTAM POWERBALL DISHWASHER TABLETS: “Well, then, erm… I guess we need to leap somewhere else.”

AL: “Yes”

 More time-travelling machine based detergent in tablet form fun next week, folks!

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