Thought for the week, with the very Rev Archbishop of Toad-in-the-Wold

Thought of the week

With the extremely and hugely reverend Archbishop of Toad-in-the-Wold, Dr Robert Carolgees…

 “As I sit here gazing over my parish from the converted attic I call my office, I find myself thinking more and more about life and about the church’s ever decreasing influence on this modern world of ours.

Puzzling pulpits...

A beacon of puzzelment

Life moves at breakneck speed these days. Only last week one of the poor of the parish came to me in his rags and with his cap screwed tight over his blonde curls to share with me his latest toy. It was, to the untrained eye, a mere coloured plastic cube, although each side of the cube was a mixed up myriad of colours. No one side of the cube was the same colour. The young greasy scamp handed me the cube and challenged me to rearrange it so that each side of it became one colour.

Perplexed, I took the cube from him and repaired to the diocesan house which my status grants me and sat in my chair for almost the whole day bashing and twisting away at the plastic cube in front of me. After many frustrating hours a beam of bright light suddenly streamed through the windows, bathing the cube in its warm ethereal light. I do believe the Lord spoke to me at that very moment – my instructions were clear. I fetched a warm wet cloth from the kitchen and slowly but carefully peeled off the coloured stickers from the cube which only minutes earlier had caused me such a knotty conundrum. Carefully peeling them away I reapplied them to the sides of the cube to make each side the same, uniform colour.

 What would have taken me days, was simply, and without fuss, achieved in a matter of minutes. The Lord he doth verilly move in mysterious ways.”

 Tune in for more miraculous tales from Dr Carolgees next week!

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