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You celestial thing you – by Jenny Hatswitch

That's not a moon!

Such a tease…

Oh moon why is it that,
At evening time you make me swoon,
When you are gibbous it sends me a flutter,
Your colour akin to some slightly off butter.

Your evening display quintessentially lunar,
After which I feel like having a bhuna,
I know that this sounds so strange to you moon,
But that you’re a rock to me is a boon.

So Moon, never leave me here all alone,
I wish for your heavenly body to be shown,
While I’m not quite sure that I’d be suicidal,
I do feel my mood swings are massively tidal.

Your emails

Monkeybroth envelope

Not Free Post. We’re not made of money.

Q) Dear Monkeybroth,

What time is love?

P.S. We luv Disco Pig! He’s the best pig/DJ in our opinion! Yay!

Yours Eternally,


MonkeyBroth says;

Dear KLF,

The last we heard it was about 3am, but times are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control. Stand by the Jams for further information.


MoooonkeyBroth! A-ha, A-ha

Belgian biscuit wrapper of the week

Plop bicuit wrapper

Belgians simply love geese.