Monkeybroth Classifieds

Connect Four (4) for sale

Spares or repair, nice smell to it but missing half the counters. Remaining counters grind a little on the way down. This upsets our dog hence the sale. Can provide images of war damage if required. No canvass or other water-proof nonsense please.

Contact mbgames@spares.gah!


Incredible Hulk – The Hits! On Sony Minidisc

Wonderful album. Only selling due to syphilis. Slight jam damage to the 2nd track but does not affect the storyline. Includes the tracks ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green (and furious)’, ‘Christ that’s the Third Shirt This Week’ and the timeless ‘Spider Gonna Bite Ya on da Finger Fool’. £15 or may part exchange for Kia Pride or similar.

Call mah, mah, nah, nah, faust…


@@@@@@@Dreams!!!! For Sale@@@@@Look!!!!@@@@GO ON LOOK!!!!!@@@@@

I’ve got your dreams you schnitzel-faced wuss! You want them back, you’re going to have to pay!!! I’m going to ‘play with’ every one of them until you pay up you Copenhagen gouting fuss-pot! Or else! God I’m angry!

Don’t contact me, I’ll contact you…. Probably by text, I’m a busy woman (with your dreams you guppy-faced boil).


Christ on a unicycle – Goats

Seriously, I don’t have any top quality Grisons Striped goats for sale! Please stop contacting me to purchase finest stock goats! These goats are the best you’ll find, but I don’t sell them. Therefore, a transaction involving you, me and any goats is out of the question.

Ignore this contact – nogoatsheremutha@priceynongoats.beh