Restaurant De Moda Gimp Piscines

Come visit! Bring the kids (unless they have behavioural issues), bring Grandma (unless she’s racist), bring a long-lost friend that you ran in to in Budgens recently and have harboured a passion for over many frustrating years.



Holy moley fish soley in a rolly polly guacamole sauce.

Grunting of Pete, from Donnington. Bones a certainty.



Spanking buttered goat boots. Very spicy!!

A championship of clams. *Please note clams may sing when served.

A wallet of notes flambéed at your table with a mwahahaha!!! side dish.

Donkey Waffles, smooth gravel and shavings of sweet, sweet doubt.


Pudding will be…

Muttering about the war.


Please book in advance as refusal is likely to be brutally expressed.

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