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Monkeybroth envelope like me? Don't cha baby!

Q) Dear Monkeybroth,

Don’t cha wish your boyfriend was freak like me?

PS Love the site

Best wishes,

The Pussycat Dolls

Monkeybroth says:

 Hello Dolls! Finally! We’ve been running Monkeybroth for a number of months now as our loyal follower will no doubt testify, and finally the Pussycat Dolls have been in touch. Great stuff.  All the staff here at Monkeybroth towers are massive fans of the Dolls or as Barry in Accounts calls them, The PCDs. We did laugh when we first heard that. Barry is a bit of a comedy genius and he’s wasted down there in Accounts. I don’t mean he should be on the stage or anything; he is literally wasted due to his many and varied addictions. The new party drug MFI is his latest fad. Him being off his razza all the time certainly does make for a fun working place, although I know Samantha gets a little fed up with all the vomiting. Still, all power to your elbow Barry. Great to have you on board.

All the best,


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