Peter Foust-Grumpert and his blog within a blog

biltong packets mmmmmm.....

Snacking fun

Greetings my ‘little followers!’

Peter’s back with more contents of his mind-wok. ‘Just giving it a little stir eh Peter? Wok it to ‘em!’

Wednesday 4th April – 8.05am

I’ve been giving some thought to what made me gate-crash the blogging party and ‘steal all the girls’ (figuratively speaking – there’s only one lady for me!). It was while wandering the aisles of Budgens that I hit upon my concept. I was browsing the Biltong selection and hit me like a megaton bomb. ‘Get yourself out there Peter! Show them what you can add to humanity! Ooo… spiced chilli flavour…’ As you can imagine, I haven’t looked back. Dehydrated snacking.

Wednesday 4th April – 4.14pm

I’ve been on the phone with the Leisure Centre about running my blogging course there. Things are not ideal. The only room that they can offer me has a max capacity of 50 people. ‘Don’t go thinking small Peter eh?’ They insist that it’s ample for ‘local courses’ but I’m not ‘convinced’. People will just have to ‘pack in’ there I guess! Standing room.

Thursday 5th April – 6.15am

Early start today as I’m as fizzy as a can of pop. Woke up with the brain over-flowing with cleverness, even if I do ‘say so myself’. The Leylandii story was positively coursing through my keyboard. More progress like this and I may be able to ‘publish’ by the end of the week! ‘Boom! Headshot Peter!’

Also thought of another great idea for a character. He’s a little computer generated robot who, through the medium of mime and description, acts out popular ‘sayings’ and ‘culture.’ Sort of like a mechanical ‘Charades machine’. Sadly, the good lady in my life pointed out that it’d already been done as a game show staring Roy Walker. Say what you see.

More from the undefeatable Peter F-G next time! 

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