Peter Foust-Grumpert and his blog within a blog

Uttoxeter sign

Market town utopia

Yo, (I can be pretty ‘Street’ when I need to be guys)

I know you’ve all been waiting for my latest post, so Peter’s going to put you out of your misery and brighten your day.

Afterburners on!

Sunday 1st April – 8.55am

It’s no good, the pressure to perform is just ‘too much’ so I, Peter F-G, am going to shut down my blog for good. I just want to spend more time with ‘my family’. Peace out.

Sunday 1st April – 12.01pm

So come on, who got ‘Peter’s little joke’ eh? Shutting down? I wouldn’t do that to my disciples! ‘You’re not a cruel man after all Peter! Eh? April fool.

Monday 2nd April – 9.27am

Joking aside, I have been ‘a little quiet’ of late. The leylandii article is taking up a lot of time to refine. It’s a bit like a fine wine that needs to be matured or some farmers’ market garlic and herb cheese that needs time to breathe. Quality matters.

Tuesday 3rd April – 10.12am

During my week off work, my partner has suggested that I take some long walks to get the ‘creative juices’ flowing. My hike around Uttoxeter (or,Wotocheshede as we ‘locals’ like to call it), really super-charged my thoughts and I had an idea to start teaching Blogging lessons at the local ‘leisure’ centre. I’ll let you know how that little gem goes. ‘Will they be able to keep up eh Peter?!?’ Doomsday names.

Tuesday 3rd April – 6.12pm

My partner was delighted with my idea. ‘Of course she was Peter, she’s only human!’ She herself suggested that they ought to be, at least, two hour sessions. Otherwise my ‘little pupils’ will never take it all in. Catchy Monkey.

More from the illuminating P F-G soon…

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