Peter Foust-Grumpert – And his blog within a blog

The CHiPs boys

Manly TV viewing.


I’m Peter, an up and coming leading light in the world of web 2.0. In fact, I’ve been dubbed by my partner ‘Mr. Web 3.0’! Glorious!

Get aboard my rising star-ship of a blog and let me take you to places in your mind you never knew existed…

Saturday 12th March 7.12am

Up bright and breezy with my head full of beans blogitively speaking! Haven’t yet published my Leylandii article as there is some ‘tweaking’ that I want to do to make it more devastating. Have set up a gmail account so that I can use this for the blog. I want to keep my private life and my soon-to-be professional life separate thank you very much! ‘Steady Peter eh?!’

Saturday 12th March 6.45pm

Haven’t got much done today as they had a CHIPS marathon on 5USA. I have started adding tags to my articles though and have really thought hard about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation folks!) tactics. Have tagged this article with both ‘Spanish’ and ‘Omelette’ and justified it by writing about it in this post. By pulling in these minorities, I’m ensuring a wide-reaching and varied reader-base. Genius.

Sunday 13th March 10.15am

Have re-done my header replacing the image of a landmine that I found on ‘Google’ images with a vectorised version that I did myself. Two reasons, when this blog reaches the heights that I have scheduled it to, I don’t want to get in to trouble from the ‘owners’ of the photo. Secondly, I have future merchandise to think about and vectors look more ‘designer’! Have tagged this article with ‘Landmine’, ‘Google’ and ‘Texas Instruments’.


More from the visionary Peter soon!

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