Restaurant l’agresseur de chèvre

Visit the latest in fine dining located in Groat Street Rainham, Kent. Our chefs are trained under The Great Alfonso so expect a plate rammed full of magic! Gastro-tastic!

Le Menu


Moulin Rouge stuffed with Cabaret
Leaves from an agoraphobic’s front garden draped over a chair (V)


Waft of wizard complete with a catatonic pheasant’s side-burns
Furious salmon with a hoping of artichokes (dogma optional)
Great big headphones straddling a morose pigmy onion
Failed history teacher thrown from a building site with a guess of toys (V)
Boast of flan and full of fun (ghost extra)

Pudding will be;

Grateful of company


All prices are subject to change with the weather. APR equiv’ to 128%.

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