Peter Foust-Grumpert and his blog within a blog

Blog within a blog

...with no end and no beginning


I’m Peter, a frustrated amateur writer who works in a related industry that sadly doesn’t feed my ego enough. So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to do what everyone does in my situation; write a blog!

Thursday 10th March 10.30pm

Sat at home, working my way through a six-pack of lager that was on special in Budgens, I have decided to let my undiscovered talent free and have set up this blog. Because I haven’t started coming up with anything ground-breaking or game-changing yet, I have decided to begin my blog with the process of setting up a blog. This should help historians chart my rise to stardom in the future. Helpful.

Thursday 10th March 10.45pm

First success! I am taming the wild, hunkering beast that is WordPress. Have figured out how to add the little logo thing to my blog so that the browser tabs are in my ‘house style.’ I am truly the king of favicons. Have now shut down and re-opened the browser six times for no reason to see it appear. It makes me feel good.

Thursday 10th March 11.02pm

I have spent the last quarter of an hour checking out other blogs and scoffing at those without their own browser icons. Warm feeling inside. Have decided to start writing about myself in the third person. ‘Whoooaah! Quit while you’re ahead tonight Peter!’ Priceless.

Friday 11th March 9.30am

Wrote a brilliant article this morning about the height of my neighbour’s leylandii. It was both, poignant and socially aware while at the same time being heinously witty. Didn’t want to rush it up on the blog though preferring to hone it further during my lunch break.

Friday 11th March 9.54am

Have repeatedly badgered work-colleagues to read my leylandii article and some have done so after I asked only four times. They can smell the potential! I’m secretly pleased that none of them smiled while reading it. It shows that the wit is deeply ingrained in the words. They’ll think about it later and laugh hugely. Others have placed their trust in me, stating that they will ‘check it out when it’s on the site’. ‘Damn right they will Peter!’ Super.

Friday 11th March 3.46pm

Work is dragging and I can’t wait to get home and get cracking on some more content. I’ve had a great idea for a character with a funny name and a physical impediment. Won’t spill the beans yet, but needless to say it is gratuitously witty and comments on some very ‘now’ issues. I’ve skilfully hit all the demographics with this one… ‘Boom Peter!’

Friday 11th March 11.30pm

Rather than work on the blog, decided to go to the pub with my squash partner, Gerald. Insisted that he ‘check out’ the site on his mobile phone while he was there. He was playing it cool but I know he’s secretly a little ‘green’ as he can see the future of this ‘venture’ and probably wants ‘in’. Made the decision to write anything ‘funny’ in italics from now on. Updated my ‘house style’ guide with this decision when I got home. ‘Where do you get all of these ideas from eh Peter?!?’ Wonderful.

More from the amazing Peter soon!

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