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For sale – Action-Baby-stroller ‘Rampage Armageddon’ special editor)

In great condition with instructions. All blades and spikes have been kept meticulously sharp. Machine guns are fully stocked with 25 clips of ammo. Mortar cannon has just been professionally serviced. Comes complete with rain cover, cosy toes and landmines.

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A Pensioner’s Guide to Norwich – Wipe clean edition

Gives pensioners all the strategic hangouts for blocking aisles in Budgens, where to stand to cause maximum embarrassment to young couples shopping for family planning in Lloyds the chemists and the cheapest places to eat gammon, egg and chips. Comes with a fold out map of the best burlesque hotspots.

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Earwig Factory – Sale or rent

Due to a family bereavement, the Gunterflask Earwig factory in West Flankington is surplus to requirement. The building has fallen into its dotage somewhat and will require some remedial work. The earwig-powered millstone will require renovation, but otherwise the property is sound. A rare opportunity to acquire an original 19th century earwig powered piece of history.

Please enquire in writing to Buffet & Loike Ltd.