Aaaaa – it’s Rock Stars in the morning folks!

Rockstars in the morning…

No.2: Phil Collins

Phil Collins’ Mum: “Phil Collins!….Phil Collins!…come on you’ll be late for school. Are you getting up, it’s 7.45!”

Phil Collins: “Yes, mum, I’m just coming…”

Phil Collins’ Mum: “In the air tonight love?”

Phil Collins: “No….I am just coming down for breakfast.”

Phil Collins’ mum: “What do you want? Sugar Puffs or Crunchy Nut Bites?”

Phil Collins: “Erm…Sugar Puffs”

Phil Collins’ mum: “Please…”

Phil Collins: “Please….”

Phil Collins mum: “Good boy Phil Collins, good boy.”

More morning musical mayhem next time, folks!