Si! Eees Pastamouse and l’equipaggio facile folks!

Pastamouse – he maka a badda ting gooda

Give-a it up, give-a it up, give-a it up for l’equipaggio facile! Si… Monkeybroth is underwhelmed to announce the first very episode of Pastmouse – Italy’s foremost problem-solving and crime-busting rodent! He’s sure to maka a badda tinga gooda!

This week sees Pastamouse tackle the mystery of the disappearing parmesan cheese….

Pastamouse: “Heeeyyy, whatsa up l’equipaggio facile – eesa everyathinga alrighta?”

Zoomerini: “Non, Pastamouse, everything ees not alrighta…President Mozarella hasa been on de radio transisterone – the entire stocka of Italia’s parmigiano hasa been robbed by some badda de burglia…”

Pastamouse: “Non – saya it ees nota truea…the entire stocka of Italia’s parmigiano hasa been robbed by some badda de burglia you say?”

Zoomerini: “Si, Pastamouse”

Scratcherone: “Pastamouse… cana we makea da badda tinga gooda?”

Pastamouse: “Si, Scratcherone, we canna maka da badda tinga gooda – l’equpaggio facile!”

Zoomerini and Scratherone: “Si, Pastamouse?”

Pastamouse: “Getta your skateyboardas and those wheely/roller de blade things ready. We are gonna to finda de parmigiano and I hava an idea wherea we shoulda look firsta!”

Meanwhile in another part of town…

Bagga-Telli: “Heeeyyy Bandulula il cuoco, howa coma you hava so mucha de parmigiano in youra stora rooma?”

Bandulua il cuoco: “Heeeyyy Bagga-Telli donta worry, I boughta it alla cheapo cheapo from dat nice mousa wearing that stripea jumper and maska yesterdaya…I gonna maka loadsa de pasta and de pizza with it and maka many many of de euros…”

Suddenly l’equipaggio facile screech out from behind some bushes…

Pastamouse: “Hah…bandulua il cuoco! We hearda that from behinda da bushes over therea, Non nota therea……….over therea…si behind that dumpa trucka…anyway youa hava dona a badda ting. We herea to maka dat badda ting gooda…you should notta hava boughta de parmigiano froma data bada mousea…de orphana bambini have noa cheese – de parmigiano belonga to Italia!”

Bandulua il cuoco: “Oh Pastamouse I’m a soa sorry – herea… taka de parmigianna back to President Mozzarella…”

Pastamouse: “Are you sorrya for watta youa dona?”

Bandulua il cuoco: “Si Pastamouse… very….”

Pastamouse: “Wella everythinga okaya nowa, correcto I’equipaaggio facile?”

Zoomerini and Scratcherone: “Correcto Pastamouse!”

More pasta orientated, Mediterranean rodent crime-fighting, weak rip off of a fine kids’ TV show fun next week folks… or we might do asthma mouse. Provided we don’t get shut down by the BBC that is.