Monkeybroth classifieds

Various items for sale

I’ve been having a clear out and have the following up for grabs – 8 mint imperials, a Pedigree Chum mobile phone which will only take calls from Jamaica, some high-grade plums, a Bang & Olufsen carpet cleaner, a Vax CD player and a corset for garden gnomes.

£10 for each item or £5 the lot.

Call Bobby Swallows on [Private Number Withheld]

Fore Sail

Ocsferd Dikshonary in gud condishon. Jenuin reeson foor seling. Wood suet klevur purson or stewdant. A bit fockst on teh covur but nise uthurwyse. Severn pownds fore a kwic sayl.

contakt Mervin on mervindothydeatgeemaildotcowdotyoukay

Porsche 924

Not for sale, just wanted to say that I have one. You probably don’t! Ha Ha! I’ve got a Porsche and you don’t! Bet you’d like to have one though wouldn’t you? It’s red! Ha! RED! Bet you’d like a red 80’s Porsche wouldn’t you eh? Yeah, of course you would! But you haven’t, so suck it up!

May swap for Astra Diesel

Contact – starteddevelopmentasavolkswagonbuttheythoughtitwasntverygood@turbo.gloat

Warehouse clearance

Due to a leaky kettle, we have hundreds of simply massive foam horse effigies at unbelievable prices! From a Palomino to a lovely Bay, we’ve got just the simply massive foam horse effigy that you’ve been searching for!  Also see our utterly enormous cakes in the shape of Graham Norton!

Located in Short Compton right next to the DangerMouse museum.

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