Disco pig – I is back my little trotters ai-eeeeeeeee

The disco pig

Da piggieeeeee!

Yo  – what it is my little porcine porkers of love – oh yes, Disco pig is baaackkk wiv more of me hot toons to download right now. Hear what I say – I ain’t being rash (er) dese tracks have been rockin the sty this week and me and Mrs Disco Pig have worn our little trotters out viv all the dancin’ we been doing an dat. Screech them out loud my little truffle sniffers – they are de frazzles…

DJ Terryandjune feat. Anneka Rice – Have you put the cat out, Barry?….Barry? Oh I’ll do it

The Ladyhonkers – Squat and give me ten private

Kaiser Wilhem II – Pointy helmets

The Tea-towel holders feat. Noddy Holder – Congealed but still itchy

Supersonic prostitutes – Everything I do (I do for a tenner)

The Problematic Onions – Parsley is a garnish, bacon is a meat…

The husband embalmers – Appendicitis won’t go away

DJ Kumquat – Loving the horse, Steve, loving it

Barry Toadstool – Lick it until its September 13th

The Automatic Avacadoes – Na na na na na na na na na na na  (every time you go upstairs)

Gary’s got Dandruff – And he smells of wolves

DJ Polly-styrene – I’ll be…(wrapped around your new electrical items)

The Fake Vicars – Tea time for Marjorie

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