Peter Foust-Grumpert and his blog within a blog

A punt

A punt


You know who I am, but just in case you’ve been living on the moon recently, I am the soon to be knighted owner of my blog.

Why not snuggle under my comfy blanket of sultry musings and see just what Peter F-G can do for your spirit?

Who knows, you just might learn something great…. 😉

Monday 14th March 8.45am

Managed to get in some tinkering of my leylandii article before my commute this morning. It’s nearly at beta stage now. ‘Knocking socks off planned for today eh Peter?’ Causality-breaking stuff.

Monday 14th March 9.36pm

Didn’t manage to get as much done as I hoped tonight as I was side-tracked by the Steven Punt comedy marathon on Dave. I will go on record as saying; that guy is under-rated gold. I insisted my partner read the blog as she needs a pick me up. ‘Well she would living with you eh Peter!’ Bonkers crazy.

Tuesday 15th March 11.02am

Found the stats on that ‘bucking bronco’ WordPress. I am slowly bending it to my will. To the untrained eye, the results could be called ‘disappointing’ as there were ‘no viewings’ other than my own. However, smashing that myth needs a strongly web-focused mind. ‘You have that in spades Peter!!’ Reading between the lines you can strongly see the potential site hits figure, and it’s as large as my writing is cutting. Bashful viewings.

Tuesday 15th March 5.50pm

More tagging work today. I am using the tags ‘moist’, ‘Super Fresco’ and ‘millipede’ for this little missive! Thought of a great new character today; a hardware shop owner who mishears items that a customer asks for but the items all sound similar to what he offers said customer. Sadly, my good lady partner pointed out that the Two Ronnies had performed a similar idea on the tele. Still, this set-back confirms that I’m thinking just like the greats! ‘Standing on their shoulders Peter!!’ Four candles.


Even more from the P F-G-miester soon!

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